Custom Pictures & Videos

About my custom videos

Now here are the Movie Packages: You can either build from scratch or select the other 4 packages at a fixed price.

Standard Packages

Note: You can either build from scratch or just select any one of these packages below.

Lazy Pack - $20

- 1 animation

- No Sound

- 2 Minutes

Fap Pack - $60

- 3 Animations

- Sound Effects ($10 reduction if you want no Sound)

- Length: 3-5 Minutes

Horny Pack - $80

- 5 animations

- Sound Effects ($10 reduction if you want no Sound)

- Length: 3-6 Minutes

Super Freak Pack - $200

- 10 animations

- Sound Effects ($10 reduction if you want no Sound)

- Length: 10 Minutes

Make your Own Package

Starting Price for Custom Movies is $20 (Meaning you get one 1 Minute Animation with no sound effects)

How it Works

- Price goes up when adding more content to your movie

- $15 per animation added to your movie

- $20 per Threesome animation

- $10 for adding sound effects (I have to sync the sound to go with the animation, the hardest and longest part)

- $10 for 5-10 minute length

- $30 for 20 minute length

How To Order

Please contact me by email ( and send me the details of what you would like before placing an order.

I need to make sure that I understand your request and can realize it before you proceed to payment.

All customs are created using preset animations (Sex Poses) designed by me. When you select a bundle pack, you must email me to receive the "Preset Sex Pose Folder" there are a total of 72 Sex Poses to choose and more will be added throughout the months.

If there is a specific pose that the preset folder doesn't provide. Then I must design the Sex pose from scratch which will require an additional cost.

These presets still require me to edit and tweak to fit the models you've selected.

Content Delivery

How long it takes to deliver your content depends on the complexity of what you're requesting (animations and sounds).

In particular, it takes longer to build fully customized animations from scratch. For those, it generally takes between 1 and 3 weeks for me to deliver your content.

If you select animations from my Animation library, I can get your content faster (within a few days to one week).

When we discuss your request together, I'll let you know when I think I can deliver it depending on my current schedule.

If you really want a fast delivery, you can opt for my Quick Delivery option: the price will be doubled, and I'll handle your request in priority.


Simply click on the corresponding box below to pay via Credit Card with IndieBill. You can also pay with Paypal, in that case contact me.

For videos requests:
Lazy Pack - $20
Fap Pack - $60
Horny Pack - $80
Story Pack - $200